Sun Xincheng,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

Now he service as the director and professor in The Third Hospital,HeBei Medical University.

At present he holds the office of committee member in Chinese Medical Association,HeBei Endoscopic society and the editorial board member in HeBei Medical University.

2、Primary Specialties

In more than 30 years,he is good at Urinary Tract Trauma,Disease of Prostate,tumour and so on. Besides,he has rich clinical experience in sexual dysfunction,infertility and Urogenital System Inflammation.

3、Achievements & Honors

He has published more than 10 articles in national and provincial magazines. In addition,he also has won the Second Prize of provincial and municipal Science and Technology.

4、Exclusive Interview

He is a professional and outstanding doctor in his field. To his patients,he never be impatient to their questions and the doubts. He said, " I have no reasons to refuse my patients. They believe in me,which is the biggest encouragement for me. "

He loves his work deeply and be also dedicated to this career.

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