Cost Of Therapies in Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital

Next, we list the cost of every therapy. If you have interest in certain therapy, read the following information detailedly and consult with your doctors so as to find the best treatment for you. Good luck!

Items Cost
Examination cost 1000$
Accommodation cost 25$/bed/d*two persons*30d=1500$
32$/bed/d*two persons*30d=1900$
43$/bed/d*two persons*30d=2600$
Caring service cost 67$~83$/d*30d=2000~2500$
Chinese Therapy Mai Kang 16$/bottle/d*30d = 480$
Oral Chinese Herb Medicine 1.66$/dose/d*30d = 50$
Foot Bath 3$/dose*2doses/d*30d = 180$
Enema 1.33$/dose*2doses/d*30d = 80$
Medicated Bath 25$/dose + nursing fee =36.7$ 36.7$ * 8 times = 293.4$
Externally applied Chinese medicine Common prescription 25$/dosage*4dosagees/d*30d=3000$
Ziche prescription 36$/dosage*4dosages/d*30d=4300$
Taking medications home Common prescription 25$/dosage*4dosagees/d*90d=9000$
Ziche prescription 36$/dosage*4dosages/d*90d=12900$
Total Costs Hospitalization costs+medications (The ones you take home) for 3 months Common: About 17584$
Better: About 23684$
Best: About 24384$
Hospitalization costs+medications (The ones you take home) for 6 months Common: About 26584$
Best: About 37284$
*The charges of Dialysis and Plasma Exchange and other blood purification techniques don’t included in the above account.*
Blood purifications Hemodialysis 78.3$/time
Dialysis + Filtration 121.6$/time
High Throughput 108.3$/time
HVHF 121.6$/time
Hemoperfusion 330-2 640$
HA130 276.1$
HA230 401.8$
HA280 471.1$
HA330 531.8$
Bedside Hemo-Filtration 842.3$/12 hour 786.3$/10 hour
Plasma Exchange 1304.1 $ + Protein amount= 1500$
Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital treats you with Chinese therapy Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital treats you with Chinese therapy


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